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      Hi, I’m 2 months post THR. Before the hip started to deteriorate I was very flexible at yoga. I would like to regain at least some of that flexibility
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      Two months is pretty quick to start doing aggressive yoga. Not sure what type of THR you had…posterior or anterior. Mine was posterior and the muscles, tendons they cut and/or moved created healing that 6 months post op are still pretty weak. For instance, raising/lowering my leg while lying on my back. At two months I was extending my walking and spinning on a low resistance exercise bike to get my mobility back. Once I started that it cam back pretty quickly and at 6 months and I starting to get more aggressive with strengthening and mobility.

      My suggestion is to seek out a PT for the appropriate strengthening/ mobility exercises …..many of the exercises they suggest are yoga moves and you will be able to gradually add in to get you back to your old routine fairly quickly.

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      Hello Cotra and I’m no yogi and one month post op but I routinely did short, self-guided yoga sessions pre-op over the past 15 years… I’ve started doing some basics over the last 10 days… downward dog, warrior I and II, wide leg spread with support of my hands (in lieu of a hang), lying-down hamstring stetch, and sit on heels Vajrasana – kneeling pose. REAL BASICS and I’d STRONGLY SUGGEST to LET YOUR SYMPTOMS BE YOUR GUIDE…. move into a pose LIMITED-RANGE AND REAL SLOWLY and at the 1st sign of pain/discomfort, BACK OFF AND THEN HOLD. Rely on the guidance of a GREAT PT and progress REALLY SLOWLY. For me, I’m more cautious here than in my hiking, biking, and strength exercises I’ve been prescribed. BEST WISHES ON IT! Like getting “back up to running speed”… SLOW AND STEAD here!

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      Hi Corta,

      I echo what has been shared that you should listen to your body and engage a competent PT professional. I am now 7 weeks post-op/posterior approach. What I have found is that the things I was strong in pre-op I am rapidly regaining post op and where I was deficient (flexibility) I am still challenged. My guess is, as stated above, that you experiment by starting slowly and then increase as your body allows.

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