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      Hi All looking for a bit of advice. Had THR ( right hip ) 12 months ago exactly. A year prior to the op , I was a sub 19 min 5 k , sub 40min 10k , tra
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      Hi there. 7 years now since THR anterior approach. I have had patches of time where I would get anterior hip pain with also low back and lateral knee pain at 3-5 mile point. I thought I maybe had done something to the hip or tore soft tissue but MRI was negative. Saw PT and was told I had gluteus medius weakness and doubled down on core work (bridges, resisted adduction, single leg squats) and I’m back in business. I think we all become biomechanically unbalanced due to the initial arthritis and then the prosthetic (lost proprioception) and get what they call “dead butt”. I hope that’s the answer for you. See a PT soon and at least get evaluated.

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      I feel for you, I’m in the same boat. The answer to your initial question is: no one knows. Even the greatest surgeons or PTs can’t know everything that goes on inside you. It is probably muscular, and hours of stretching/PT may fix it; give it a shot. It might be prosthetic; X-rays and MRI does not reveal every variable, so they may say “nothing wrong”, but there are always those cases….. Look at it from a risk/reward perspective. Will stretching/PT hurt me in the long run; nope. Will running through the pain disturb the prosthetic? Maybe, maybe not. I’m resigned to hiking and mountain biking and having zero pain. Would rather run, but a man must know his own limitations. Good Luck.

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      Many thanks for the reply’s. it’s off to a PT for me. It’s nice to get a bit of advice / reassurance. In a
      Sport where I have always trained alone etc, I have felt even more alone with no advice to be gotten since the op. No follow ups from the consultant/physios . Just job done, 13k wham bam thank you man. Wasn’t given any advice / exercises apart from get out there and walk with a few minimal stretches to be done for the first 6 weeks. Told never to run again. Rant over. Take care everyone. Happy running/ hiking/biking.

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      Hang in there. I had my right total hip replacement done in May of 2018. It took me over a year to even feel like running on it. Even after that, I had some ups and downs. I always was questioning if something was wrong and if I made a mistake getting it done. I experienced the same pain that you are describing and it was crushing. I believe it’s muscular and things are just getting use to being in a new alignment. Lots of stretching, foam rolling, strength exercises really seem to help.

      I’ve been feeling really good again, since January. Actually ran a boston qualifier again this august with a 2:59 and sub 17:30 5K. My hip usually tells me when I’m over doing things and I need to listen to it. Lots of hiking up hill, biking, etc.. on days I shouldn’t run.

      Keep your head up! Things do get better.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hey there! You would be wise to not try to run through it. So good job backing off. When I first started running after I got my hip replacement, I felt the same. So I am not sure whether taking time off is helpful or not. You would think it would be, but at the same time, that hip needs to get used to running with the artificial joint. Give yourself a few days off and try again. If the hip barks, rest again, but keep trying. Eventually (hopefully) the hip won’t bark and you’ll be on your way.

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      Dave Whiteside

      I’ve experienced similar pain and didn’t listen to my body and ended up having 2 one year periods where I couldn’t run more than a mile. I had my hip x-rayed and there was no issue, PT, massage, acupuncture and nothing seemed to work for me. In the end I think of yoga or stretching, and strength training (bridges, squats, lunges, planks etc.) is what cleared things for me. Since switching to Keto to minimize inflammation I’ve been injury free for the last 3+ years and this year will clock over 3,000 miles. I prefer running ultras, oddly enough they’re easier on my joints than 5K’s. Listen to your body and see what works for you. Dave.

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