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      Tony-Hello all, just got accepted today and am excited to be on the blog! Had hip replacement on 11/28/23.  Just had 9 week review from surgeon(said c
      [See the full post at: when to start running after surgery-Tony]

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      Everyone is different on their recovery. For background, I had posterior THR last Feb and am a long time runner /triathlete age 68. I had my other hip replaced in July 2020.

      My doctor said to wait 6 months before attempting to run again so I started walking, biking and swimming once the wound was healed. By 6 months I was walking up to 6 to 8 miles per day with some jogging steps as you described. When I started back I would run a minute and walk 5 minutes for 3 miles. I slowly built up over the next couple of months where I reversed that to 5/1 minutes. I then built that up over the next couple of months from 3 miles to 6. Once I got to 6 I started to run 2/3 miles steady with no walks.

      At two years from my first THR, my Dr x-rayed my hip and said it looked great. I had just completed a half marathon. I am using the same process with my second hip and am currently running 6 to 8 miles three to four times a week. I also swim 3 times per week and bike 4 x.

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      Thanks for reply
      I had anterior surgery I don’t think I am or was quite the runner as most on this forum but I did run every day before arthritis overtook me.
      Have been told by dr I could start running at 6 months but just itching to do something more than walking and definitely outside in sunshine

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      Almighty Bob

      Definitely don’t rush into running, or you will only slow your recovery. The muscles need time to repair, and with an uncemented prosthetic, the bone needs time to grow into the implant. Last thing you want is the implant coming loose.

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      Thanks Bob for advice. Yes -my concern is healing of the hip where bone has to grow around the titanium. Taking calcium and vitamin D and drinking milk. Definitely do not want to rush but have heard to let your hip be the guide or shall I say if any pain occurs then back off.

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      Hello Tony and I think your timing is right on!
      I was running “faster” (tempo speed for my fitness then – about a 7 min mile) by week 8

      You are listening to your body and keep it up!

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      Running has been in ‘my blood’ forever, comes with the territory, African born, Kenya to be precise.

      Live in the UK now but worked for along time in South Africa at various game parks.

      16/10/2020 X-Ray Diagnosis

      Right Hip:- Marked bilateral degenerative narrowing of the weight-bearing femoral acetabular joint space is demonstrated with articular sclerosis and associated pronounced left-sided acetabular and femoral neck rim osteophytosis.

      I continued running but at a lower volume of training and fewer races.
      February 2023, i decided that i would stop running altogether, at which point i had run only 4 times in January 2023 and 4 times in February.

      The reasoning behind my decision to stop was to prevent further running-induced
      deterioration of my bilateral osteoarthritis and hopefully resume my running after a resolution of some kind .

      April 2023, top London orthopedic, specialising in custom-made hip replacement was recommended to by my Osteopath.

      The option was Total Hip Replacement (THR) and i opted for best possible choice, custom-made Symbios prosthesis, manufactured in Switzerland that would enable me to recovery better, return to running should i wish to after my hip bilateral THR.

      From the outset, it was both hips would need to be replaced and the right hip would be first, as its worse of then the left.

      Although my running days are over for now, i still trained 6 days weeks at the gym and outdoors, minus any form of running, until well after my scheduled surgery date,

      My overall health & fitness was paramount to my success later.

      For both THR surgeries, I was in hospital for 3 days, discharged on the morning of the 4th day after having met the requirements of the physio and occupational therapists.

      Along the way, I had battles to overcome.

      I was struck down with Covid on 2 occasions, the second ended up with a trip to A & E and a severe chest infection

      January 2024 – Then came the triple whammy of:-
      Strep Pneumonia
      Influenza A
      Influenza H

      And another A & E trip and hospitalization for 2 days.

      Only Weeks before my L/THR surgery

      That had to be cancelled and rescheduled to give me sufficient time to recover from my illness.

      My Mini Posterior THR approach Surgery took place with
      Right Hip first on Wednesday 20th September 2023.
      5 months later followed the Left Hip on Wednesday 21st February 2024.

      severe osteoarthritis

      severely degenerate osteoarthritic
      hip with synovitis, labral tearing, full-thickness cartilage damage and massive osteophyte formation.

      Post-Op the right hip is at 9 months and the left hip at 4 months

      Currently (as of Saturday 8th June 2024), I train at the gym doing upper body weight training circuits and light recumbent bike cycling and elliptical x-trainer 3 times a week.
      I walk daily, morning and evening, doing 10,000+ steps.
      My C.V fitness is nowhere near pre-Op levels, gradually getting my body-fat levels to what I call
      normal for me, below 10%. At present i’m af 11.4%.
      My weight is 156 lbs.

      I am doing my rehab exercises daily and what seems like out of reach at the outset,
      is now possible and within reach.

      February 21st 2025 is now only 8 months away.
      Even though it would mean NO running for 2 years when i resume, plus with 2 new hips, i embrace the challenge and what lies ahead.

      if i can get there in the best physical condition possible,
      that would go a long way in helping to become a runner again.

      I am not in any rush to start running again.

      My goal is to complete the set of the 6 Majors of Marathon, with only Berlin and Tokyo missing.

      When to resume running is the question that is repeated constantly in my head but with the difference of 5 months between the respective surgeries to factor in, the long lay-off from running, i would be grateful for any input regarding comebacks.

      I’m thinking of kick-starting my running comeback from Wednesday 21st February 2025, 1-year Post-Op for Left hip THR.

      Aiming for Berlin 2025, Tokyo 2026.

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