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      Hi all, I retired at 56 after 40 years at sea (Chief Engineer Officer). I’d always thought I was fit – nah – not even close. I gave up smoking, starte
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      Hi Ian,

      Great story, glad you found the solution in time (shame about the state of the NHS waiting lists though, my hips were covered by BUPA fortunately). You will be back to jogging then running before you know it, enjoy the process of continuous improvement – I recorded all my activities using Garmin watches so I have a permanent reminder of how my recovery progressed. Looking forward to your follow-up posts!


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      That is exactly what I did Pete – recorded everything on Strava while I was increasing my walking distance by 10% at a time. Started off at 50 mtrs on crutches in the first week and never looked back.

      Cheers – Ian.

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