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      Hi All after finding this group after having my right hip done, just after some basic advice on when to start running on tread mill then back outdoors
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Stephen,
      I had my hip replaced in January and started running in early April. It was slow and I didn’t feel like my regular self until about 18 months later, but I was running. Everyone is different. My best advice to you is the same advice I give to all of the other Hip Runners. Listen to your hip. Allow your weekly mileage goals to be tossed out the window if the hip tells you that it is time to take a break. The worst thing you can do for your hip is to attempt to do too much too soon. Stay optimistic through those early months and keep your eye on the end goal of running at a fairly regular pace. It will happen….eventually. Welcome to the club and good luck!
      Hip Brother Tom

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