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      Hi everyone, I would love to hear if anyone has/had dysplasia going into THR.  I was diagnosed with pretty bad dysplasia (way too shallow acetabulum)
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      Just (two months ago) had my left THR as a result of dysphasia. I had a posterior THR with a Stryker titanium post, ceramic ball and poly/metal socket. This corrected my shallow hip socket and no other reported issues

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      I am 41 and was diagnosed with bilateral congenital dysplasia. I just had my right hip replaced on April 3rd. I had my left hip replaced in Nov 2022. I never knew I had hip dysplasia until I turned 40 and started having severe pain. And here we are. 🫣

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      Stayin’ Alive

      I am a 64 yo male who had left THR in 2018 and will have right THR next week. Bi-lateral dysplasia. I would think that numerous people on this forum have it, as my sense is that it’s one of the leading causes of OA among younger or relatively younger patients. My dysplasia was severe enough to wear out my hips prematurely, but mild enough to make THR straight-forward without any complications. It’s not to say that it never complicates THR, but I think in many cases it does not.

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