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      I had a posterior hip replacement on July 3 of this year. The hip feels great but I’m experiencing aches in the quadricep muscles.with and without act
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Runningsmith,

      Ahh yes, the pain of recovery. I remember the exact pain (although I had an anterior replacement). Everyone is different, but in time it should pass. Stay optimistic and set goals (little ones). Do what the hip lets you. Each day you’ll be able to do a little more….

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      I’m 5 months and still have thigh pain. I cannot jog at all without it barking at me. Surgeon said same thing muscles had atrophied before surgery and will take time to get stronger and adjust. Funny they don’t really tell you this before surgery, I thought something was really wrong at about 3 months. But after the follow up x-rays and talk with surgeon everything is okay. He just said just walk no jogging yet. I’m amazed that some on this blog are jogging so soon. But everyone is different. I’m so glad I found this site as I’m not as discouraged, just have to be patient. Also PT guy said don’t expect to feel normal for at least 6 months. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks. That was really helpful. I’ll trudge on!

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