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      Hello hiprunners, I had an anterior hip replacement on May 9th.  I was biking and uphill hiking as good as ever 8-10 weeks post op.  I can still bike
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hello Equinox.

      Sorry to hear about your thigh/knee pain issue. Comparing your return to activity, I didn’t start running until 90 days out which is about 3 weeks later than when you started getting back to being active. Those early days of recovery were the worst. One day you’d feel great, the next day, it felt like I was falling apart. The hip is still in recovery mode. Don’t overdo it. Give it some time off. Then when it feels better, get back to it. Let the hip tell you when it is time to rest. In time, it will bark less, but you have to respect it and not try to train through it. If the pain persists, then definitely go see a doctor, but this pain you are feeling is not uncommon early on. Give it a little rest (maybe do some pool running, or stationary bike). Limit your hard activities for a little while. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Stay Optimistic! 🙂

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