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      Had a THA Left on Monday 6/1/20 and anticipate the right being completed mid-August.  Only on aspirin and Meloxicam currently (stopped the oxycodone o
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      Richard Browning

      Hi, I had a THR, left, Jan. 13, 2020. I am a long way from feeling normal, despite lots of walking and rehabilitation exercises. I ran an average of 70 miles per week in 2018, then had a very quickly evolving osteoarthritis, which led to my being on crutches for nearly a year before surgery. The resulting muscle atrophy is likely what is causing my gait instability and soreness. It is improving very slowly. My advice is to take your time, but be persistent!

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      TY – my surgery wasn’t as smooth as either I or the surgeon had hoped. More than average blood loss and bad reaction to anesthesia. The first week was tough, I think when I felt good I did too much and then paid for it the next day. I am trying to find a happy medium.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi TAM,
      I concur with Richard. The key will be to take time, but be persistent. When the hip tells you have have done enough, give it a rest. Then start again. Over time, your hip gets stronger and you’ll be back. It took me close to 18 months for me to feel like I was back to where I could be competitive again. Even today though, there are days that I have to give the hip a rest. I started attempting to run at 3 months. It didn’t feel normal, but over time, I was able to get back to running again. They key is to stay optimistic!
      Good Luck!

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      Thank you both for your replies. It is slowly sinking into my thick skull that I just need to take more rest days. A perfect example is grocery shopping — the next day I was tired and sore. As you said trying to take one day at a time. The second hip is scheduled for 8/17 so get to do it all over again.

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      TAM, I had bilateral hip replacement surgery 2 1/2 years ago, that first week was brutal for me as well. I couldn’t eat and felt nauseas, so I know what you went through, but on day 7 I was able to walk 5 miles. Like most people on this sight say, you have to be patient with your recovery and listen to your body. Quite honestly I’m not back to running like I did before the replacement surgery, but I kind of switched to biking a lot more. 6 months after my surgery I did a 100 mile mt bike race, and a little over a year later I biked across Australia. I currently bike or run almost every day, and although my hips can get sore on occasion, it’s nothing like the pain that I would experience before surgery. So just adapt to however your feeling, it was hard for me at first as running was always a big part of my adult life, but just be thankful that they have this amazing prosthetic that gives you your life back, or should I say your lifestyle back.

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