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      My main 2 questions are: (1) Is the pain/soreness I’m feeling acceptable or concerning? (2) How do I learn to evaluate my own pain again without being over dramatic or ignoring issues? I’m 24 and I had hip surgery (ORIF) on my right femoral neck almost 6 months ago. I’ve been diligent with my physical therapy and am careful to not overdo my recovery. I was allowed to start running again 3 months ago. There have been no complications, my PT is happy with my progress and my surgeon says all my X-rays (I haven’t had any MRIs since surgery) look excellent. He even said I could train for a marathon again if I wanted to. I just don’t know how to trust my judgement anymore with pain/soreness. I’m very open with my PT and I think she’s great at what she does. Before this I had never had a prior running injury. When I started feeling pain I went to see a PT (not the same one I have now) and told her I thought I had IT band syndrome. For weeks we treated it as such and we couldn’t figure out why I was still limping and experiencing pain. I could barely walk; a mile took me around an hour and experienced a buzzing pain at abrupt stops and starts for motion, no amount of pain meds and icy hot completely eased the passive discomfort I felt. Turns out I had a stress fracture and because we hadn’t treated it correctly I ended up tripping and breaking my hip. I’m very young so this was obviously unexpected but because of the traumatic experience I’m really struggling to trust my own judgement when it comes to pain and trusting medical professionals when they tell me I’m fine. Many days I try to tell myself I should worry less as this was a unique and very traumatic experience of medical neglect and that most med professionals are not like that. But at the same time, what if something is wrong and we’re missing it? I don’t want to ignore symptoms again and have something horrible happen. Im taking my return to running very slow but sometimes I have a little extra pain or feel weaker on my surgery side which really worries me. This pain is usually located in the front of my hip-quad/groin area. This is where I started feeling some buzzing pain when I had the stress fracture. Even in the moment as I try to self evaluate whether what im feeling is pain or muscle soreness I can’t decide. I don’t even have the slightest intuition on what’s true. I also feel a little pain on the outside of my leg (where the incision is) when I cross my surgery leg over the other while sitting. I also wonder if X-rays are enough to measure my healing. Don’t you need an MRI to detect such small fractures? I’m sure many of you have experienced this but I’m constantly googling my experiences with this stuff but it feels like there’s no information out there that relates to me. All the information I find is about geriatric patients who plan to never workout again. And most the information from studies and surveys ends after the person starts walking. As a runner I want more feedback about the human experience. Thanks for listening to my rant. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or similar experiences please share!

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