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      Hi everyone, I had my THR anterior right hip last April. I want to start trying to run again but am curious to know whether you all went back to your
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      I don’t have a good answer for you, as I am not getting my THR until June. Question though – you note some pain while doing some easy running. How would you generally characterize your recovery. As expected? Better or worse? Are you able to do non-running activity? And as someone who is now in the queue, would you say “just get it done” ? 🙂

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      Try running 2 minutes followed by 2 minutes of walking. Over time build to 5/1 minutes as you feel comfortable. As far as shoes, get a pair you enjoy running in. All shoes these days have great padding so they are all good. I would stay away from the track for awhile and just find a nice trail or road surface.

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      I took a different approach to most – I learned to take smaller strides and up my cadence, using pretty flat racing shoes with litle padding. I reckoned it was more like walking fast, as opposed to striding out and heel striking. It seemed to work, and no damage was done, but now I am back (7 years on) to using modern racing shoes like Saucony Endorphin or Brooks Hyperion.

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      Almighty Bob

      I experienced a lot of discomfort when I first tried to run. You need to rebuild those muscles, but you will get there with patience and perseverence. As OB said, try shorter bursts of running and keep to a run/walk strategy until you are able to run for longer periods. I also find hills to be really good for getting the glutes back up to scratch. Speed walking up a decent incline will really give them a good workout! As for shoes, I am currently embroiled in a sordid love affair with my ASICS gel nimbus 25s. The cushioning feels oh so nice.

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      Back to same fave shoes post THR for me!

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