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      Hopeful Hippie

      Hello Everyone,   I first posted here over 5 years ago, and although I thought there were some responses to my questions at the time, they seem t
      [See the full post at: Running Success.]

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      Good news. I had my hip replaced about the same time. Maybe a year earlier. I often now think about how many more years I have before a revision, five, 10, never?

      I am not built for ultras, more of a fast twitch runners, was fast over 800m as a kid. But I have always enjoyed volume, so well before hip issue enjoyed week after week of 70-90 miles per week, a couple of 100s. I am not there yet. I am about 40-45 miles at this time. would like at least one more aerobic base-building summer, coming up here. And would be happy to run some 70 mile weeks.

      Glad to hear that people like yourself are running ultras….there is hope.

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      I’m so happy to read people doing ultras after a hip replacement. I hear about a lot of other people running 5k, but I really just want to get out there all day long. As Christopher Kelsall stated, I also worry about the wear and tear on my hardware. Well not enough that I won’t start running (I’m only 3 weeks post op). But it’s always there. I hope you keep posting and keep giving me hope.

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      Hopeful Hippie

      I should add that when the X-ray was taken to asses the need for a new hip on the other side, the surgeon took a long hard look at the one he had already replaced to see how it had held up. There were no real signs of wear after 4 years of energetic but careful use. I was so concerned that it would show enough wear that he would tell me I had to stop, but such was not the case! I’m hoping that all goes as well with the newest one and that I can get back to doing some more long distance events before I get too ancient.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Great to hear there’s others running 100 milers. I’ve also ran several hilly ultra’s without too many issues. I hope you continue running and enjoy many more miles.

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