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      It’s amazing how this awesome group has grown in the last handful of years and so many fantastic achievements.  Pretty happy with what I was able to a
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      Having the second hip hanging over you is a pain, physically and mentally, and now you are free of that worry. When I got my original x-rays my surgeon said I had two years left on the better hip and he was almost exactly right. I got back to decent 5 and 10k times with one fake hip but could not justify much training knowing I was hastening the inevitable. My second hip was initially good but that leg started hurting at about 18 months, just about when it should have been perfect. Two months with no running helped, and several long days in the mountains finally seemed to cure the problem. Ok, I was quite ambitious in running at 5 weeks after my second operation but I don’t think that did any damage, and your story shows that rapid return to running need not be a problem (as long as you take heed of aches and pains along the way). Anyway, the gist of this is that with 5 and 2 1/2 year old hip joints things are now better than they have been for years, I can do a couple of 10k training runs per week and race 5k on Saturdays, plus bike for a couple of hours on a rest day, at the age of 68, with no significant aches/pains or limping – and you have this to look forward to in the next few weeks. Good luck!

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