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      I had a total hip replacement back in March 2018 (age 67, left hip, anterior approach, ceramic on polyethylene). Recovery was surprisingly easy and I was back to gym workouts within 2-3 weeks. I now am back to “pre-hip pain” intensity and duration workouts on stairs, rowing and elliptical workout machines. I also have full “pre-hip pain” range of motion with my operated hip.

      Prior to hip pain I was a daily runner, running 20-30+ miles per week. While I definitely miss running, it is my understanding that basically every orthopedic hip surgeon is at best negative about running after hip surgery. While the best medical data does not definitely suggest that running will lead to the need for early hip revision surgery, there is also no strong evidence to the contrary.

      I also believe that hip revision surgery is substantially more involved and has much greater risks than first time hip surgery.

      While I would love to run again as I near the 1 year anniversary of my surgery, I find myself questioning whether it is really worth the risk.

      Would be interested in others thoughts about this “to run” or “not to run” issue. Have also asked my surgeon for any updated studies addressing the risks of post-THR running.

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