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      Hello, I had a left THR (anterior approach) two years ago. At least partially due to this site, I started running again 3 months ago. It is going ok,
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Ahhhh. The dreaded piriformis. Since you only started running 3 months ago, my guess is that your body is still getting used to running on the new hip. Give it a rest and then when the pain has settled down…….ease back into it. These issues will occur as you ramp up your running.

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      I agree with Tom. I started running again about 2.5 months post THR. I constantly listen to my body. IF I am feeling any weirdness, I do another type of cardio. I run 3-4 miles 3 times a week. I also strength train my quads, butt and hammies 3-4 times a week. Those muscles need to support your running and if they’re weak, your runs will not go well.
      Listen, be patient and soon, you’ll soar!

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      Dave Whiteside

      Checkout an earlier post of mine for some exercises I do that I think really help. These are all free and can be done in 7 minutes.

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