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      Ran NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 4th as a proud member of Michelob Ultra’s #TeamULTRA with 2 Total Hip Replacements.  What a crazy experience!  No
      [See the full post at: NYC Marathon]

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      CONGRATULATIONS! Great photos, they say it perfectly. We bionic folks can get back in the game, after all!

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      That’s great & Congratulations!!! I would love to hear details of your training and any issues you had and overcame.
      I am 7 months post THR. I started running again about 12 weeks post THR and will begin training for a half marathon in a couple of weeks.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Awesome photo and great GREAT job! What an accomplishment! You are doing the Hip Runners Proud Bryant!

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      Woo Hoo. Well done to you. Brilliant achievement. Let us know what your training was. I also have both hips replaced and would love to do another marathon in a good time.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Nice sub 4 hour finish Bryant, great job. Hip Runner nation is strong.

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      Thank you all! It has been a great year as I had also completed an Ironman in June so I had a great base to start my marathon training in late July. I kept up my swimming but was glad to get off the bike for a while. I was initially “hoping” to train for a 3:35 Boston qualifier but in August I ran into some serious heel/plantar fasciitis issues that spread into knee and glute pain.. arghh! It helped to step off the speed work and just concentrate on bi weekly long runs. I started with a decent base of 30 miles or so a week and built to several 45 mile weeks with two 20 mile long runs in there. My training included some good stretching and tons of foam roller work. I will say that I have not had any hip pain at all (knock on wood) and miraculously my plantar fasciitis seems to have faded since the race just 2 days ago. Who knows? My next race is the Last Chance 50K trail race here in Charleston on December 1st!

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      Wow! Congratulations you give me hope.

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