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      First off, thanks for adding me to this group … I don’t consider myself a runner, but I do run during exercise so I’m keen to be able to resume after the inevitable THR on my left hip. I have run in the past – 5k up to full marathon, but this is not my exercise passion (at the moment)

      I was diagnosed with moderate-severe OA in my left hip about 2 1/2 years back, and have tried to manage the condition through physio and onto my 3rd steroid injection (8 weeks back), with a follow up Consultant appt in 5 weeks. I’ve already been advised that there will be no 4th steroid treatment, so I am probably looking at taking the leap of faith … THR.

      I’m 58, pretty active – exercising 3 times a week (short bursts of high intensity exercise), plenty of walking and recently back to the pool to build muscle strength around the hip/thigh/back. I’ve had to give up playing cricket, as the impacts of running in to bowl were just not doing me any favours (85kg through the hip/leg on the delivery stride).

      Reading the beneficial outcomes on here has given me a great deal of positivity about making that decision when the time comes. Whilst I could ‘get by’ for a while yet, what I’m reading tells me it’s better to get the upgrade sooner rather than later, so if my Consultant offers me the chance, I’ll almost certainly take his hand off (figuratively speaking).

      Thanks for reading … and I’ll update when I know what’s next for me.

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      Hacked off.

      Consultant’s PA called yesterday to postpone my follow up appointment by a week to next Tuesday.

      Pain not bad, but running almost impossible (although short “sprints” are just about do-able). Range of motion reducing almost weekly.

      Had set myself up for a decision tomorrow evening … the week seems an age but I know it isn’t in the grand scheme of things (and issues others are facing), but I’m reaching the point where I just want this done now, so that I can get onto rehab & recovery!

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      Right, meeting had with my Consultant and we’ve agreed that the next logical step is THR for my left hip. Fortunately all the costs are covered by my work Private Health Insurance – so it is all booked in for 4 weeks from today (18th November).

      I was ready in my head … but now it’s actually happening, its all a bit daunting. So many questions keep popping into my head, which hopefully I’ll remember so that I can ask my Consultant when I next speak to him.

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      So today was the scheduled date for my THR…

      Sadly, due to issues with the implant packs (3 in total) my operation was cancelled and I am waiting for a rescheduled date.

      It’s really disappointing, but obviously the right decision as it definitely is not worth taking any risks however small, and I can live with the pain & discomfort for a couple of weeks more (hopefully worst case scenario).

      Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m sorted before the month is out.

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      So here I am, 2 days post Left THR – discharged from hospital with an uncemented stem and a ceramic on polyethylene bearing now holding me up.

      I have been extremely lucky so far pain-wise with no need for high-power pain relief (but I have plenty put by just in case the pain does kick in), just paracetamol & ibuprofen – yes the wound & joint feel a little sore, but the constant nagging aches & pains from the worn out joint are a thing of the past.

      Now the fun really starts – and for me that is not doing too much and measuring my recovery progress – I must learn to listen to my body and not push through (yet) like in the good old, bad old days. Any suggestions on what might help would be much appreciated. Any swimmers reading this? When did you take the (virtual) leap back into the water?

      First outside walk just now (about 350m around the cul-de-sac I live on) has told me what I can do right now – and I think I’ll sleep well tonight as a result. Building little but often seems to be the order of the day in these early stages – next main target is my 6-week Consultant review and getting signed off to drive again.

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