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      I got my Zero Runner at the beginning of the month. Two weeks under my belt now. What a great workout. It’s working muscles that I didn’t know I had.
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hey Battb! Congrats on the Zero Runner purchase. I hope you were able to use the special code from this site. Stay tuned because I will posting the date of the next Zero Runner Marathon (Shhhh, it will be in January). When I first started using the Zero Runner, I held onto the bars for the first 6 months. Then I started experimenting with going hands free….its actually a lot easier if you have the zero runner at a decent tension. Now when I use it, I rarely if ever hold onto the bars. It has been my savior. I am running outside more, but on recovery days, I trust the Zero Runner to keep me from injury.

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        Hi Tom.
        Thanks for the tip for running hands free. I tried it today and did pretty well for brief periods. I’ll give it some time and try again. I promise I won’t tell anyone about the January Zero Runner marathon until you announce it. I will start training for it though – well maybe not a full marathon but I’m sure I can do at least a half. I did not use your code to get my ZR8 as the local dealer was able to give me a price even better than with your code. Imagine that! Thanks again for all you are doing,

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