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      Hi all you fantastic people ( creeping over ) I’ll make this as brief and less boring as possible. 67 man manchester uk 11st 5 lb, regular runner over
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      I am not an MD….but I am your age and have run since I was 18 covering many miles. I am now 21 months post THR posterior. Last year I ran 1300 miles slowly building back to where I ran the Atlanta half marathon the end of last month. I used a combo of run/walks 5/1 minute and was running approximately 45 miles per week at peak. I did most of my uptempo work once a week on the bike and in the pool. I also do triathlons.

      When it was really cold….10 degrees f….I experienced pain in my femur during my runs. I figured it to be nerve pain having a titanium post buried in the bone. Other than that I only experienced muscle stiffness from typical training. That kind of pain and stiffness was what I expected, especially in my mid 60s coming back from a long layoff. If the pain was sharp….which I did not experience….and lasted more than several days, I would have checked in with my surgeon. Thankfully I never experienced that.

      I do standard stretching and weight exercises that improve mobility such as yoga positions and weighted squats. Nothing special, but they did cut me open and that always leads to tightness that needs to be addressed for range of motion.

      I hope that helps.

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      Not sure I can advise other than to say that as a 65 year old with a posterior hip, I returned very gradually to running 4 months after surgery and have had no issues. When I say gradually, I mean at a slow pace and taking a couple of months to build up to a continuous 5k. I also swim, do aqua classes and weight work.

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      I am 18 months post op, and my experience was similar to yours.

      I went back to physical therapy 7 months post op because I could not run. My PT said I had muscle imbalances: strong quads and hamstrings from all the walking I had done, and weak muscles on the sides of my thigh. We did a lot of strengthening exercises and some stretching. It took a couple of months, but I can now run. Just did my first actual race yesterday.


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      Re: Parkinsons. Fight it hard. Advances are being made. Some things: Brain stimulating exercises are good. Get your neuromuscular system stimulated. Try coordination-oriented things, skipping rope, boxing exercises, table tennis et etc. Apparently MTC oil, from coconut oil and even coconut oil itself is the only digestible thing to pass the blood-brain barrier and has been used for those fighting the spectrum of Parkinson’s, Alzeimers, Dementia…..

      …I am not sure if you want to do too much in the way of soccer, or super fast sprints….gentle-kinda-fast-relaxed strides are good….

      If you can run OFF ROAD, so off concrete and tarmac/asphalt that will likely help….cheers,

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great advice from everyone above. Running with a hip replacement requires some changes. You’ll find that you are not longer on YOUR planned training schedule. Instead….you are on YOUR HIP’s planned training schedule. Listen to the hip. When it tells you to rest… But get back on that horse and try again. Eventually you’ll get to that good place! Good Luck!

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