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      Hello everyone. I am 26 days post op from an anterior mako-robotic TRHR. Although it’s been 15 years of hip problems. This is my fourth surgery on thi
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      Wow thank you that is quite a story and journey, and sounds like the journey has more to come! The beauty there is in your ability to overcome and return to strong form! I don’t doubt you will make the most of it again!!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      You don’t have any lack of determination that is for sure. It will take you a long ways (even back to running). Ive seen the trend where labrum tears and hip resurfacing eventually lead to hip replacement. Hopefully the buck stops there and you will see a healthy and long uninterrupted period of running. Welcome to hiprunner. We are with you through your journey

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      June bug

      It’s been a long journey for you. I hope that all goes well and you will run again. I started back running about four months ago since my hip replacement and I’m not nearly as fast as I used to be. I plan to run a 10k in the spring. I’m up to 6K now. Good luck to you.

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