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      Dave Whiteside

      Looking back 8 years ago when I had my hip replacement, I started running to lose some weight. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would run a ma
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      Way to go Dave! You keep all us out here trying harder to get our running back to where it was before surgery, especially me.

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      This was amazing. You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work and keep posting your accomplishments. I still get a little giggle of pure joy every time I see evidence that there really is running after a THR. Iā€™m working my way back, but still a ways to go and I look forward every day to new posts on the HipRunner website.

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      Dave, Thank you so much for sharing your adventure here! This is so inspiring. Having my hip replacement in a few weeks…this gives me hope to be able to continue running, and run marathons, after the surgery. Oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You’re amazing!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      You are awesome! I can’t believe this! It is amazing how much you’ve done! Running a 100 miler sounds truly daunting. This was a great story. You truly know how to persevere. Your mental toughness is second to none. We could all learn a thing or two from you about how to conquer doubts and get through difficult stages of races. Kudos to you! You deserve that buckle. Congrats!
      Hip Brother Tom.

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