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      Well 24 weeks post left THR I was able to do 15 miles on the Appalachian Trail; Tenastee Gap to Unicoi Gap in Georgia with no hip pain!  More hiking t
      [See the full post at: Imperfect Progress]

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      New to hip runners ,and already thinking I’m well out of my depth here.Running after 24 weeks is incredible from where I sit ( 15weeks ) the fact that you are being quite rightly ,worried about alignment is a measure of where you are .Keep up the good ( fantastic ) work and best of luck.

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      Thanks John!!! Stay positive and challenge yourself!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      The hike is pretty impressive but the 22 minute 5k following that is simply amazing! Nice work! The soreness in quads and calf is understandable. You’ve got different leg muscles trying to compensate for the new hip. Stay aware and keep up the great work!

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      Thank you Tom! My question is, when does this compensation for the new hip end? My best answer at this point is “when it ends“ lol
      “Listening to your body“ has never been so relevant. And I think challenging because it is listening to what an artificial joint is doing to the rest of my body. My hip doesn’t hurt any longer but it is causing soft tissue issues… further clarification… As runners, our minds, that have driven and pushed us through fatigue and pain in our running, now can work against us as the brain pushes the artificial joint to push soft tissue into places they are not ready for… YET!!!!

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