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      Interested in some feedback on how quickly folks got back to things like Stationary Bike or Elliptical for a real cardio workout, getting heart rate i
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      Hi there! Welcome to the HipRunner world 🙂 I waited until about 6 weeks out before I did anything beyond sort of the basic PT stuff like slow rides on bike, walking as much as my PT would let me, doing some upper body weights work, etc….Really didn’t get my first ‘sweat on’ until probably 2 months out.

      I will say for me personally I waited quite a while before pushing the hip (didn’t really start running truly until 6 months out) but I’m glad I waited b/c I had no problems or complications and was able to get back to a half marathon within a year.

      Good luck and keep us posted!

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      Hi Aimee. Thanks for the reply. Good to hear you’re back running.

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      Hi! I had my THR fitted 2nd May 2017, was back to max HR on road bike and 5k running by 9 weeks – somewhat slower than before but the HR was right up there.
      Having to look back through my Garmin stats I was amazed just how quickly the biking came back – I sat on my indoor trainer for aerobic 30k / 1 hour sessions for about 3 weeks then started back on the roads, in the July I logged over 450km, longest ride 58 miles at a decent pace. I had carried on running and biking right up to my operation, which probably helped. If it hurts, stop, but otherwise go for it!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi there!
      Whenever you decide to start, let your hip be your guide. It will tell you when you’ve done too much. If and when it does, take some time off and then try again. Eventually, you’ll ditch the bike for a pair of shoes and a good run. 🙂

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      I am 10 weeks post op. What I do is add a little more to my workout and see how I feel the next day. One thing I am very careful of is to have the correct form. If I start pushing hard and feeling my form falling apart…I back off. For instance, I was pushing hard on a segment the other day while riding my triathlon bike and noticed my knee was a hitting the center bar and not tracking up and down correctly so I backed off. As others have said, let your body be the guide.

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