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      So I have posted here several times about my upcoming surgery but I’ll remind those that haven’t read them, that I have Anterior THA surgery on Monday
      [See the full post at: Hip Surgery Vlog]

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      That’s awesome AK and would love to see it and follow it! Hoping and praying your experience goes well and that the lessons learned can help prepare others!
      For me – 53 days today post-op: 4.3 miles in 50 min…pain free and comfortable 👍

      Once you enter that operating room, things change and the new path begins! Stay positive!

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      Hi Chris,

      Just popping in to wish you good luck and fast healing on your surgery tomorrow.

      I watched a few of your videos. My ex was an Anchorage native, and I had in-laws in Anchorage and Fairbanks. I’ve been there many times, but none in the years since we got divorced. It was nice to see it again. Thanks for sharing.


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      Good luck tomorrow!

      Keep your head up and remember that everyone heals differently! Don’t get down on yourself and be patient.

      Would love to check out your vlog. Will bounce over to YouTube to check it out.


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        I’ve noticed a commonality among everybody I talk to about this surgery, patience. Patience is the key, I’m focusing on that right now. Thank you.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Sorry for the late reply AKrunner. Yes OF COURSE share your VLOG! This is a Hip Running community. The more information shared, the better!

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