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      Hello all! Thank you for accepting me.  I heard about this site while reading an article of a marathoner who returned to running after his TLHR.  How
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      Hi there and welcome to the group!

      I had my surgery on 1/19/24, so we are pretty close in our recovery! I am on crutches (did not use a walker), making slow improvement day by day. I’m not ready to ditch the crutches yet, or even move to one crutch. My leg is still somewhat swollen and numb. I have some pain but not much. I’m anxious to get through this tough stage and get moving more but I am trying to be patient. My PT says by next week I should show a lot of improvement. I would be interested in sharing notes on how your recovery goes.


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      I had my second hip replacement almost one year ago. My doctor doesn’t allow for crutches and walkers when you leave the surgical center and only advised using a cane the first couple of days. He also doesn’t prescribe PT, just building minutes of walking each day. Pain was manageable after my two week check up when they removed the staples and at 6 weeks I was walking pretty well. By 4 months I was walking 6 to 8 miles per day and at 6 months I started to do run/walks of 5/1 minutes. I had posterior surgery so my glutes are a bit tight and I am working on flexibility along with knee stiffness from years of running with my hip dysplasia. I do triathlons so am swimming, biking and running each week with about 30 miles of running with about 4 to 5 runs.

      Good luck!

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      I had my hip surgery on 11/28/23. I had anterior surgery with pt to be done at home. I ditched the walker after a week. I struggled with when to ditch the hurry cane after 3 or 5 weeks. Had a limp but walked unaided. I am now at 10 weeks and back to work at 64 on my birthday and looking to eventually jog/run . At the point now that I feel like walking/running a little but don’t know if it is too soon. I have alraedy jogged some at the 50 step/20 run step pace and feel good.

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