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      Cindy Choj

      Hi. I am lifelong runner , hiker, bicycle commuter & triathlete with a specific question re. hip replacement recovery and running. Had anterior hi
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Cindy,
      The knee popping sounds like runner’s knee. Treatment varies from taking some rest away from running to stretching before you run and running on soft surfaces. With your hip, I would recommend taking some rest and performing an alternate exercise for a little while. Not forever….just a little while. 🙂

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      Cindy Choj

      Thanks Tom.
      I do have overall pretty bad (worn down) arthritic knees which I pamper by lots of stretching and even binding them if they bother me hiking. (Also have had knee chondromalacia at least 20 years that I keep at bay be keeping quads/ hamstring strong). I don’t run that much mileage. Perhaps 3x a week at 3-5 miles max. Don’t think it quite fits runners knee symptoms (which I have had in past) because there is really no pain (neither knee cap or under knee). Just gets tight, usually after more distance on pavement or downhill, then suddenly starts a pop which is like a tendon tightening up then going limp (not a snap, thank goodness). Not really painful just a little annoying/alarming. I can only remember it getting painful once when I ignored and kept trying to do sprint work. Anyway, layoff is fine but not sure it will improve things. The best I have done with this is when I have actually modestly increased miles/leg strength but with mostly trail running and stopping for side kicks, balance, half squats half way thru run. I found I can also reproduce this “pop” by doing single leg lifts prone (lying on stomach on a machine lifting up from behind calves) . Not that I do this now that I discovered this result(!) Anyway thanks for answering!

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