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      Hip Bro Tom;

      I’m the guy in your banner titled “ we do triathlons”. I’m keeping my promise to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenny and returning to running 365 days following total hip replacement on February 6, 2020.
      Thanks to the zero runner your web site introduced me to, my running mechanics has changed for the better. After embracing 12 months of recovery , I know I will be an improved tri athlete.
      Biking, swimming , zero runner and strength excerszies, and your web site forum helped me gain confidence to continue a life of running. Thank you for sharing your web site with me. I will keep in touch thru your web site, and share my personal recovery experiences when asked.
      Patience , perseverance and having a wonderful partner helping with recovery are essential.

      Thanks ,
      And have a great Holiday

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great to see that you are following the doctor’s orders and waiting patiently. I am also quite pleased to hear that the Zero Runner did for you what it has done for me. Maintaining proper running form through the recovery process was essential to my return to running. Keep up the triathlons my friend.
      Happy Holiday to you as well.
      Hip Brother Tom

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