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      Hey everyone and thank you for this website and the inspiration. I’m only 47 but will be undergoing anterior approach THA in May 2021. While I’ve had
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hey Ryan.
      I am glad you found us! We will be glad to support you through the process. If you are like all of us, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Welcome to the club!

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      Hey Ryan, I’m just 3 and a half weeks post surgery also anterior THA. You’re going to be fine, trust your team and all will be well. The first week post surgery sucks, no way to sugar coat it, but after that everything begins to change and you’ll see incredible improvements every day. Stay positive and know that soon you’ll be pain free and it ain’t so bad. I just got cleared to return to work on March 15th exactly one month post surgery, tons of restrictions of course but it’s a step back to normalcy. You’ll get there my friend just be patient and trust the process. Reach out to any of us for questions, concerns or just want to talk and vent.


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      Ryan – congratulations on taking the steps to improve your quality of life! What I would encourage you is to embrace the risk-reward, make the decision, know that there is no going back 😉 and then work like hell to make it the correct decision! it will look a little differently for everyone! I was “shuffling” seven weeks post operation and ran a respectable 5K 10 weeks post operation. A sound team around you, internal motivation, and truly listening to your body are key!

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      Thanks everyone!

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