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      Hi All, I am new to this site as this is my first post…since I’m heading for surgery next month I would like to know the realistic prospects of ever
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      Dave Whiteside

      Frederick, I had my THR 10 years ago and only started running after that. Now I not only run marathons, I race ultras and occasionally win them. Everyone’s different but hopefully you’ll be able to, there are many success stories in the various posts here. Also have a look at the Strava group page, you’ll get an idea of how much people run and may even find a couple of fellow NC’s.

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      Andrew Harris

      I had my first hip replacement in April 2018, followed by my right in October . Like others here, my consultant wasn’t keen on me running, but when I found this site, the advice from several people seemed to be to listen to your body. I started running at about 6 weeks each time, but my ambition hasn’t extended beyond 5-10k. Due to an arthritic left knee, I’m not keen on extending my distance, but feel confident my hips would allow my to.
      Good luck with the op, & hope you get back running.

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      Hello Frediric, i have THR on both of my hips, i run only marathon and ultra, this weekend i run, race to The stones in UK 100km this was my 17 mara or ultra this year my goal this year is 24 or more. So listen to your body and it will be fine.
      Best regards Anders jelander

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Frederick! If you believe you can do it, then you will do it. There will be some folks out there who will advise against it. If you believe then you will achieve. Just let the hip be your guide. When the hip tells you it is sore….give it a day or two rest and then try again. Eventually you’ll be back to running regularly. 🙂

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      Great! Thanks Tom and the rest for the responses and encouragement. Good to know this is possibly more mind over matter mixed in with a lot of common sense. I will now look forward to my first run post-op whenever that may be. At least now, I know it will be…thanks again! Great Site!!

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      Rusty Rathburn

      Hey Frederick. I had a hip replacement over 5 years ago. I set a goal of running a Half within 6 months. I ran one 5 1/2 months post surgery and ran a second a week later. Setting that goal will help your mindset as you recover.

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      Howdy from me too, THR 2016 at age 50. Waited 6 months to ease back into running and just did my first 50K (rocky dirt roads) this weekend (I’m 52 now). Everyone is different, but running can be done after hip replacement. Take it slow and don’t rush recovery, and listen to your body. Don’t set hard and fast goals because you’re going to have to take it day by day, week by week, month by month. Let it heal, do your PT, and ease back in when you feel ready. Welcome to the group!

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