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      Paul R

      I’m 63, and was operated on right hip on Nov 1, 2017. In hospital overnight, home with cane the next afternoon. Back to driving in 4 weeks, and cleared for running in 12 weeks.

      After gradually ramping up the running, doing a half marathon, etc..finally got a block of time to train for a marathon. I picked the Napa Valley Marathon: back in 2009 that was my first marathon (at age 53) after taking 2 years to lose 50 lbs and became a runner.

      It was a good day. I run 4:42:47 and had dead even splits…finished 2nd half with 20s negative split. A 4:42 when age graded back to 2009 is about 10 min faster than that 4:25 marathon.

      It was awesome to be running marathons again.

      I plan to do a trail marathon this fall. I have done 32 marathons in 10 years and wonder if perhaps
      I should drop to one or two?

      Here’s my race report with a few pics courtesy of my spouse (cheering me on 8):

      I have only posted on this site a few times and found it useful and heartening, thanks to Tom for
      starting it.


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