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      I am one year post THR. I’ve tried running a mile or so every  4 or 5 days with success!  No pains or issues. I made the mistake of mentioning to my d
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      My doc, who is a bit younger and fairly fit, told me he couldn’t suggest or condone running with artificial hips. Then he said the data isn’t clear how it effects the lifetime of the prosthetic, especially the newer ones.

      I figured I would help him with data collection. 🙂

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      Hello,just do that feels good, is it running then run. Iam a doublehippie and run marathon 38 days after THR, 2019 i run 31 marathons, iam 55 years young and will be running so long i can.


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      I would expect most modern hips will tolerate running, especially on those who have run a lot in the past. My sister-in-law has had an Exeter hip fitted with a cemented stem and she is not allowed to run or climb with it though…
      My first hip was a Birmingham resurfacing, on the basis that running etc would be available after a few months and so it turned out. My second hip is a ceramic/ceramic THR because my bone was not strong enough for another Birmingham hip. My surgeon told me not to worry, I would not be able to break it and I could carry on as before. He was right! You need to know what has been fitted to you, what its limitations might be – if any – and carry on with your experimentation. If it hurts, back off, otherwise keep running!
      Have you read Chris Kelsall’s analysis of the survey results? Confidence inspiring…

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      15 months post op THR at age 60.
      RegularClub runner before until my left hip made me stop running about 3 years ago.
      Was given the standard warning about running and impact on new hip after operation, so I started back at gym 3 times a week as a substitute for running. When the gyms shut down back in March due to lockdown,after a few weeks of inactivity I started jogging round local park (on grass) and I am up to running 2 miles three times a week.
      I dont feel any pain at all in the hip when running and feel the mental/physical benefits of running again so with no gym workouts I reckon i’ll just keep plodding on meantime.

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      Dave Whiteside

      Yes it’s a tough decision but what have you got to lose, at least that was my outlook. This year I will probably run close to 3,000 miles. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or Facebook Messenger for more information. Dave.

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      I am 66 and had both hips replaced 2 years ago. I am doing great,no pain. I enjoy jogging and weight lifting with a weighted bar for squats and lunges. My doctor said he could not recommend running. But he knew I had every intention to try it. The way I look at it, at 66 if I had not needed hip replacement and I ran, I would still be putting wear and tear on my hips as I aged. So running with my Zimmer titanium hips should be not be an issue. Actually, I get less tried than before the surgery. However that may be because there is no pain!
      Do what feels good!

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      I understand the caution.

      I’ve just turned 60 and had a right TJR direct superior approach two years ago. Treated by one of the younger surgeons who said if I did it before I can do it now, including running. Have to accept that I may need revision sooner if I run (but numbers are just a guess – 25 years without running/ 15 with running?).

      Runner and triathlete all my adult life, but I’ve been very cautious about running to this point – when I did try over the first 18 months or so it just didn’t feel “right”, but it has gotten better. Time to start again as the Aquabike World Championships I was training for this September is now postponed a year, and I could think about Tri’s and road races again for next year.

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