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      Hello all, After 5 years of pain I finally had THR of my left hip last week, two days before my 58th birthday.  Very early stages of recovery but so f
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      Hi DBuzzy,

      I use my BHR and THR hips in the hills in much the same way as I wore out the old ones – never was much of a racer but have spent years jogging (mainly on the downs) on technical trails, last year completing the Welsh 3000s challenge (33 miles, car to taxi) and last weekend the Edale Skyline, 33.5km across Derbyshire moorland, for the 4th time in the last 2 years. No reason you will not be able to get back on the trails, your’re still young!

      Good luck,

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      I have a Birmingham hip, at 58, am 5 years in now. I have found myself to be less competitive in road running now, my hip aches at those harder efforts. So, I have largely switched to ultra trails, where I can still play without hardly any downside. I have the 60s course records at most of the ultra trail races that I run, at least here in the east. You will be good as you wish at long trail running, just keep it smooth, good luck!

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi DBuzzy!
      Check out Dave Whitesides posts! He’s a big time ultra guy. I too run a lot of trail. No issues from me! 👍

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