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      Dave Whiteside

      My training had gone well leading up to this race, the Lake Balwin 52K race, but in the last 2 weeks I had noticed my hip had started to feel a little
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      Hi Dave,
      Another great inspirational story – well done!
      I’m two and a half years post hip replacement (Jan’21) and feel its taken 18 months since I returned to running (Dec’22) following my THR to start to feel in good nick again with my running (47-55 minutes my quickest 10k this year – Newport, South Wales and hopefully I’ll get quicker).
      Reading stories like yours, inspires me to have another bash at a half marathon, which I thought I would never do again….

      Keep going fella,

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      Yes, Dave way to go, and you continue to inspire and impress! The picture of you in that young whippersnapper who barely beat you says it all!!!! Keep it up, and I do hope your hip recovers! Question – is that your replaced hip?

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      Dave Whiteside

      @wedgec yes it’s my hip replacement side but it’s higher up at the top of the large glute muscle. I’m not sure if that’s the one they cut when doing the posterior operation.

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      OK thanks Dave – always curious about the amazing results you’re getting and really appreciate how you share the struggles, pains, and challenges! Puts it all in perspective!

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      Hip Brother Tom


      Just finished the 52k Broken Goat in Rossland BC last month. My experience does not even come close to yours. Started out slow with a buddy who had to drop due to cramping issues. Then I tried to play catchup and it killed me in the end. 4 Peaks with 8700 feet of elevation. Cut off time was 11 hours. I finished in 10:59:16. Boom. Well done on your amazing effort. You truly represent the Hip Runners well!


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        Dave Whiteside

        Thanks Tom. My race was completely flat so it’s hard to compare. Sounds like you had a great race and you finished, so congrats to you. Can’t wait to hear the full race report.

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