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      Just got back from the Ortho — joint space looks good on left hip.  Cartilage in front of hip is gone, back of hip is ok.  Large bone spur on the out
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      I had the same situation, but it was my left hip that was a mess of bone spurs and little cartilage.
      But why would your doc recommend cortisone? Your cartilage is gone and it’s not growing back. The cortisone won’t cure anything; it will just mask the pain.
      If you want to run again, or have any mobility again, find a doctor experienced in THR. I had my hip replaced two weeks ago (anterior approach) and I have had a great recovery. Never needed a cane or walker except in the hospital. No pain killers other than Tylenol. I also didn’t need a bath bar or raised toilet set. In short, my recovery has been textbook perfect. Been riding a recumbent bike daily, and working with a PT on regaining mobility. Plan on running again this summer.
      Just do it if you find a doctor whom you trust.

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      I thought the same thing — if the cartilage isn’t going to come back and the bone spur won’t go away, just want it fixed. I was curious if my insurance is requiring a non-invasive approach first. (It happened with my knee as well the insurance company required PT first — which didn’t work and had it replaced a year later.) I told the surgeon that cortisone didn’t work on my knee prior to replacement. This surgeon is actually very experienced and have a follow-up in 3 months, but he did say if the cortisone shot doesn’t work to call him before the three months. Just want it over and done with, but want to use this surgeon because of his reputation. Thank you for your insight.

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