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      Hi All Long time since I posted here.  45 years of age with LTHR back in Feb 17.  I’m booked in to get my right done in July but would expect that to
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      Hip Brother Tom

      It sounds like you have your hands full with your young family. I would say fit it in where and when you can as consistently as you can. The key is to try to do something rather than nothing. Kettle bells would be great if you have them and you don’t take out one of your kids while you’re doing them. 😉. When I was recovering I downloaded a Tabata app and did 8 different things for a period of 50 seconds with a 10 second rest (4-5 cycles). Everything from planks to sit-ups to fore arm curls. This helped me to get stronger while I recovered. Keep it up! Stay positive! Be optimistic. Good things will happen!

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      Thanks Tom. I tried some low impact Tabata this morning. Guess I’m more unfit than I thought!!

      I’m going to try it over the next few weeks (alternate one day yoga and one day tabata) and see how I get on.

      I’ll keep you posted!



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      Dave Whiteside

      Strength and flexibility training are very important, do whatever you can. I do foam rolling and also exercises to strengthen my hips and improve flexibility. You should be able to return to running without pain, I’ve been very successful with mine running events from 5K’s to 100 mile races. Keep a positive mindset through any setbacks, there will be some, but they are temporary.

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      Thanks Dave. I follow your updates with interest. Great to see how far you’ve been able to push yourself. Any exercises in particular that you find work well for strengthening?

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