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      Hi All.
      I’m a 51 year old male,
      wondering if anyone is running on a cemented hip reversion ? ,
      i had my surgery in June 2021, anterior R/H hip. due to arthritis,

      initial surgery went well as did the recovery but did not try to run till the 6 month mark.
      how ever even from the very beginning running was painful.
      and developed a lot of thigh pain at about the 8 month mark which hasn’t gone and only gotten worse,,
      12 month scan found nothing out of the ordinary . but by the 18 month mark pain was unbearable ( walking with Cane) so more scans including a bone scan which has revealed that the Femoral implant is loose. F@#$. the nightmare is real.

      now schedule to see my highly rated specialist on the 9th Feb 2023 to organise a reversion which will be a cemented hip.

      has anybody continued to run or even be active with a cemented hip ??…

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