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      Hi! I just had my right hip replaced on April 3rd (due to hip dysplasia) at age 41. I had my left hip replaced in November 2022 due to hip dysplasia a
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      What kind of THR did you have? Mine is posterior. With my recent left THR I have had groin pain….more is the hip flexor. My surgeon said it was due to weak glutes following surgery plus sitting the first couple of weeks. I have started a few exercises to stretch that area and strengthen the glutes. I did not have this problem with my right THR.

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      I am 47 and just had both hips replaced, one in Augusts and one in November. Both were the posterior method. I was also had more pain from hip flexor over use due to weak glutes. I have worked a lot on strengthening my glutes and overall strengthening, but I still find it easy to irritate my hip flexors.

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      Hi, I’m 48 years old and have both THR, yes I have had psoas pain, my first thr went well but the second was painful immediately after surgery, my surgeon performed a psoas release about 8 months after thr, this has definitely helped but has weakened my leg.I’m slowly getting back to jogging, just need to do more work in the gym than actual running unfortunately!! 😂😂

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      Hi! I am just seeing these responses.

      I am about seven weeks post-op now, and most of the psoas pain has subsided. Thank God! My doctor did say that this can happen and that I needed to just get through it. His surgical assistant also said that I was lucky I didn’t experience this the first time and that the second hip is always different. It’s still a little sore, but it’s not excruciating like it was the first couple of weeks. I have been trying to strengthen my glutes as well.

      How was the psoas release? Did he have to cut it? Ouch!

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      Hello Carrie B and I can tell you that yes I have had more generalized psoas ache and stiffness over the last 2.5 years following my return to running and following my THR on my left. I don’t know how or why but more stiffness and fatigue since I’ve had it done. Just something I live and cope with… of course working on more stretching and strengthening and listening to my body following running.

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      Yes Carrie, it had to be cut, it was a key hole surgery, they cut the tendon were it is attached onto the hip, this releases the pressure of the tendon against the implant. My tendon was inflamed as it was rubbing on the implant and would not settle, to the point I could hardly walk. I now run… very slowly but at least a shuffle around 5km a few times a week. Of course there is still pain but it’s bearable! Stretching helps and im just about to start the gym..

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