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      Hi everyone, I’m 48 and I had Anterior approach THR on Dec 4th, 2023. My doctor said he didn’t recommend that I run again but that he did know people
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      This YouTube video may answer some of your questions.

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      Hi TatianaMaria,

      OB’s linked video is very reassuring about the bearing surfaces, polyethylene was not just a problem because the joint loosened but because the plastic debris from this wear could provoke the body to cause pseudotumours and pain.

      I have one metal on metal bearing which will be 10 years old in November and a ceramic on ceramic bearing coming up for 7 years in May. I don’t expect any trouble from either in my lifetime, but I am 73…

      Regarding bone problems, I didn’t like the idea of a spike down my femur and the sttess-shielding associated with a THR (which is why my older hip is a resurfacing) but at the moment there is no sign of any problem.

      I am running over 1,000 miles a year, on pavement, hills and trails etc, and climbing/bouldering (taking the odd fall). My THR hip has a bit more range of motion. Same surgeon for both operations, who was asked to provide hips I could be active with.

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      I have a THA coming up in mid-April and like your PT, my surgeon mentioned the potential for bone deterioration (not just wearing of the cup) if I went back to running more than a few days/week. I’m interested in the research behind this possibility. Would appreciate any leads!


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      My total right hip replacement was on January 1, 2017. I am amazed that I forget most of the time that I had a hip replacement. Other areas of the old bod are wearing out but the hip is doing great. My surgeon like most instructed me I wouldn’t be able to run. I’ve proved him wrong for over 7 years now and counting. I’ve run numerous half marathons and the worst pain I had was from plantar fasciitis, not the hip. A study of runners who’ve had replacements would be a great study. Count me in as a guinea pig. I can sleep good at night knowing I made one of the best decisions in my life to get a replacement due to the future looking extremely bleak if I didn’t. Live your life like your replacement will outlive you!!

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      I agree with the sentiments of running is a gift… and will add that the complexities with a hip replacement can cause “analysis paralysis”
      Following THR, Run gently and gradually take up the intensity… if you don’t have pain, keep on with it. I’d rather have a few “complications” at 80 than not run at 60+

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