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      Hey all. I’m now 9 months out from my THR surgery. Rehearsal to run first week of May ’22. Today I ran 5 miles non-stop for the first time. Slow but s
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      Hey bald guy… if you know how to read my profile history on this site (hard to explain) you will read about my journey back…. To summarize:
      There is hope…

      to not have pain in the affected hip

      to be able to run again (for me 45 days post-op)

      to race again (60-days post-op)

      to run a marathon (11 months post-op)

      to run an ultramarathon (13 months post-op)

      to better my pre-op 5k (ran 20:07 16 months post-op)

      to better my pre-op 10k (ran 42:46 17 months post-op)

      Now I’m not expecting lifetime PR’s at age 50… but most docs say I should not be running 😉

      LIVE IN HOPE HIPSTERS!!!!!… (Click Here to View Full Post and Comments)

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