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      I am 9 months post THR via the Anterior method.  I am just curious if it is still normal at this stage to have some muscle pain in the rectus femoris
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Hi Paul,

      After 9 months, that doesn’t seem normal. When was the last time you checked in with your doc? I think PT might be in order. I was back to running after 3 months. 9 months just does not seem right. It sounds like it is muscle related. I would recommend that you check in with your doc and ask for a prescription for some PT.

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      Hip Brother Tom,
      I am in that same train of thought. I have been working the core and strengthening the legs. Everything else they did during my recovery, is too easy now. I think it is muscle weakness. Been doing a lot of research on this. Doesn’t seem to hurt as much after a long strenuous bike ride, so I think I am onto something here.

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