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      Hi all, Just wanted to post an update for others interested in a recovery timeline. I’m 51 and had a right THR just over 8 1/2 months ago (8/2/21). My
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      Hip Brother Tom

      Awesome report Brent! Be Patient! Couldn’t say it much better. Stay optimistic, Listen to the hip, and beee patient!
      Hip Brother tom

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        Thanks Tom. Your words ring true in my ears whenever I’m out for a walk. Just be patient!

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      Hi Brent

      Thanks for update/status. It reminded me of my journey almost two years ago. I followed the same path back to running. I had my hip done at TCO in Edina and live just over the border in Wisconsin.

      I started adding back with short runs…what I call “parking lot shuffles” during my walks at about 4 months building from 10 strides up to about 100 strides. I would do this maybe 10 times during a 4 to 6 mile walk.

      6 months is when I committed to myself that I would start real running. I picked 6 months because that is what other fast THR runners in the Twin Cites suggested to me. I started as you would as a beginner runner with 1 minute runs and 1 minute walks until I got tired but not sore. I slowly built up over the next several months to 5/1 minutes run/walks with a total distance of 6 miles. I wasn’t concerned at all with pace.

      This past winter I lived in Atlanta with our daughter so was able to really start training targeting the Atlanta half marathon the end of feb….it was also that last race I did before my hip replacement in 2020. The Atlanta half is very hilly and it rained the entire race with 45 degree temps. I didn’t run fast, but I did run pain free this time around.

      I hope this helps as you start your journey back to running.

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        Hey Ob,

        Funny, I had my hip done at TCO as well. Dr. Owen O’Neill. He did a fantastic job. You probably also used their “suite” services. Pretty nice to say the least.

        Thanks for your input. It’s great to see others that are thoughtful about healing and not rushing into things too fast. Parking lot shuffle is right on point. I’m tempted at times to pick it up but keep telling myself to “be patient” and concentrate on speed walking.

        Did you ever have any soreness as you were working up to running? I get occasional soreness after faster/longer walks. Mostly it is int the c-cup region/groin. Its right where the ball would meet the socket – on the front side of the hip. Nothing in the femur though. It could be scar tissue or it simply could be the additional stress of the components against my bones. Not sure but it is a reminder to back off and swim or bike instead. thoughts?

        thanks for your note!

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      Cool Brent.

      Dr. Anseth did my surgery. Between 4-6 months prior to running I did a PT program not related to TCO. It was a series of strength building hip movements putting sideways stress on my new hip such as sideways banded walking. As a result, probably, when running I did not experience the soreness you are talking about. I did feel it early on going up stairs when lifting my leg to clear the stairs. Dr. Anseth did tell me if the Periforma started to hurt in the early stages, that I was overdoing it. The only pain I have now is when it is really cold outside (10 degrees f or colder) and I run, I get femur pain. So I try to avoid that and run on the TM or go someplace warmer in the winter:-)

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        I met with Dr. Anseth about 2 years prior to discuss resurfacing vs THR. Long story short I wasn’t a candidate for resurfacing but he was great about answering all my questions. He is also a runner.

        Thanks for the advice concerning the sideways banded walking. I’ll have to work on that. I’ve been doing clams and leg raises but have neglected the resistance bands.

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      My surgery was September 21. I am not and never will be an ultra runner, or even a long distance runner. I am also never going to be fast. I did find I lost a lot of aerobic fitness during the period before and immediately after surgery, and that returning to gentle jogging helped enormously. I started a few tentative steps at running 3 months after surgery, and at 4 months after surgery used a Garmin 5k plan to get me back to running 5k comfortably.

      I am so glad I did. Shortly after starting the programme, I got a recall from a routine mammogram and find I have breast cancer. I am convinced the fact that I was happily running 5k and wanted to continue doing so made the BC operation (thankfully a wide area excision, not a mastectomy) easy to get through, I just needed 2 weeks out of running. Next step is to decide in consultation with the oncologist whether or not to have chemo, plus I definitely have to have 5 doses of radiotherapy. I want to be as fit as possible to get through this.

      So I guess my message is none of us know what’s around the corner, so if running matters to you, I probably wouldn’t keep on delaying. I know I am only running 5k slowly, but I have had absolutely no adverse effects. Quite the opposite, it’s helped in so many ways, including with the mental health aspects of what I am now going through.

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      I’m 7 months now after THR had both done now.Just started jogging again and it’s going well just going to keep at 5k.No more long distance running.Hopefully this will help me keep going for a good few years I’m 55 now.So go steady and it’s possible to get back doing what we love.

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      So I just joined this site and I came across you post from over a year ago. But it has given me a good idea of what to look forward to. I had a left THR, ceramic on plastic in June 2023 and am about 10 weeks post surgery. My hip feels amazing! Although by the time of my surgery I was bone on bone so anything would feel better. I’d like to hear how you are doing now and what type of running you are able to do now. Great post!

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