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      I’m 7 weeks post-op THR right anterior approach. I’ve been processing nicely walking 30-4o minutes 2-3x a day (approx. 3-4 miles). I’ve also been swim
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      Hi Brent

      I am 3 weeks post-op tomorrow. THR right hip, posterior approach. I wasn’t prescribed Celebrex. I came out of hospital with a 5 week supply of low dose aspirin to reduce the blood clotting risk, plus a small supply of paracetamol and ibuprofen. With a posterior approach, a number of tendons in the groin area are cut, and these certainly ache after walking. I am still using elbow crutches to take a little weight off – two on rough surfaces and on longer walks, one otherwise. I find the ibuprofen better than the paracetamol for pain relief as it’s anti-inflammatory, but it gave me low level tummy problems. So am currently managing just with twice daily paracetamol but also applying an ice pack to my groin after exercise, which seems to help.

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