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      Hi fellow hiprunners, I am 7 weeks out today from my rthr.  I have been recovering very quickly- I am 42 and very fit before surgery. I can do all phy
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      Rusty Rathburn

      When I had my replacement almost 9 years ago at age 49, I was considered young. And I bounced back fairly quickly. My only advice is take it slow. You’ll get there. I ran a half marathon less than 6 months after my first hip replacement. I set a goal to run La Jolla. Set a goal to do something big, but don’t expect a PR or anything close to that. St Jude’s in Memphis would be fun and about 6 months out and well within your reach. Just take it slow.

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      I’ll share my journey through the posts I have done here and I hope you can access them and I hope that they do help. I think by clicking on this link you can access my posts:

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