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      Dave Whiteside

      69.3 Miles, new course record – Save the Daylight – 12 hour race. First, many thanks to Justin for putting on a great race on a great course. The volu
      [See the full post at: 69.3 Miles – 12 Hours – New Overall Course Record]

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      Laura M

      I am so inspired by you. I had my hip replacement on August 28th. I had stopped running 5 years ago because of hip pain. I now am working with a running coach to get me back to running. I am so excited. My goal is to run the Broad Street Run in May 2019. Keep up the good work!

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      Wow! That is very motivating. I’m very happy for you and I hope to someday be running again. I’m about 6 months post total hip replacement. I can bike and hike/run uphill at a steep grade pretty good, but still not even close to running. My hip really doesn’t like it. How long after your hip replacement were you able to start running?

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      Hip Brother Tom

      You continue to inspire all of us with your amazing accomplishments. Wow! Someday, maybe I’ll do an ultra. For now, I’ll stick to shorter races. 🙂 Keep it up! You are a great inspiration.
      Hip Brother Tom

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      Congratulations on a great race. Love hearing about how others are doing what I’d love to be doing and doing it so well. It gives me hope and encouragement to continue working. Looking forward to hearing about your 100 mile race. Cheers!


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