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      I am now 5 months post THJR and I am running regularly, 2-3 times per week. Shortish runs, between 5 and 10km. It still doesn’t feel perfect, a few in
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      Congrats on your progress! Well done.

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      Hi Pietro – well done, and you beat my time of 25:05 today, if not my 69.5% age grade. My most recent hip is 3 years in May, best 5k since then was 23:53 a year or so ago. Best time as a 60 year old with arthritic hips was 22:03, 9 years ago.
      Hope you can maintain the progress, I shall watch Palmerston results with interest! I run Braunstone and Leicester Victoria in the UK, desperate to get back under 24 mins at the moment…


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      Hi Pete, I think you can be very happy with your age grade…
      I actually started running after the onset of hip arthritis as I could no longer do sports involving contact/jumping/twisting. Was still doing ok up to 2 years ago with a parkrun best of 20:50 and a marathon around 3:45 every year, so I still have a bit of recpbuilding to do before I get there, but it’s looking good.
      I particularly appreciate the posts of those like you who are still running a few years after surgery, as there isn’t any decent amount of published data about running in the long term.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Great Progress Report Pete! Keep it up! It will get better. It took me 16-18 months before I finally started feeling like I was getting back to normal.

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