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      12 weeks post op and I completed another half marathon (I’m on the right).  I’m not sure I’d recommend running a half this soon post op.  My hip and t
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      Dave Whiteside

      Great job guys. I remember doing my first 5K race about 4 months post op. It’s amazing what you can achieve, don’t set any limits but always be mindful about how your hip feels. I’ve had 2 injuries that lasted about a year by pushing too hard and racing too often, now I try to take better care of myself. Cross training, strength and flexibility are all important. Good luck on your journeys.

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      Hip Brother Tom

      Nice work guys! Great to see 2 hiprunners running together. Your advice will be well received. It is possible to run a half marathon that soon but a bit more recovery time will make you feel stronger when you do attempt it. Even so, nice work on getting back out there and running!

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      Good work hipbrothers, iam dubbelhippie and run Budapest marathon after 38 days, this thursday i run a doubblemarathon The second seven minutes better then nr 1, my goal 2019 is 24 marathon, and have done 10 already, keep on runnig brothers/best regards Anders

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      Hi All,

      Thank you for the kind replies. I waited 8 weeks before returning to running as recommended by the doctor. Nothing high impact for 8 weeks while the healing is taking place. That means I did the race after running for only 4 weeks. Also, I had a 60 mile week just before the race. I was running 35 miles per week prior to surgery (5 miles/day everyday). It was too much too soon. I’m pretty sore after running today even after taking 4 days off.

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