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      Has anyone done a Park Run yet? I did one today. 5K they are. I ran 23:51. I was aiming for within one minute per km of my best. Missed that, ha ha. 1
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      Hi Chris, glad to see you have found parkrun – wife and I started doing them in Jan 2011, yesterday’s run was number 341 for me. It was also one of my slow ones, 27:14, because during the week I had walked the Welsh 3000s (33 miles, 13,700 feet of ascent) and done two 40 mile bike rides whilst waiting for the weather conditions for the long (22 hours) day in the hills.
      I got to about 177 on OEM hips, 260 on one BHR and the rest with my ceramic THR which finally seems to have stopped giving trouble when abused excessively.
      My PRs were 22:03, 23:07 and currently 23:53. Will focus more on apeed work now the big event has been completed, want to get closer go 23:00 before this year is out…
      Home run is Braunstone, have run a dozen others, yesterday’s was Penrhyn.

      Cheers, Pete

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