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      Hi all firstly many thanks for the add. I am currently 9 weeks post op following an anterior rthr that was a ceramic and polyethylene uncemented model
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      Hi Torey – I have a R Ceramic/Ceramic THR and started running at 6 weeks (5k). Obviously I am not suggesting that anyone else be so cavalier but it can be done. Anders Jelander on this site ran a marathon at 39 days!
      Go by how it feels, but 3 months is probably a sensible time to start – I was back up to speed at 9 months, but equally I had to take a couple of months off running this winter (19 months since op.) because I got very limpy from mixing rock-climbing and mountaineering with running and over-did it.
      Be guided by your body, don’t try running on consecutive days to start with…
      Good Luck,

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      Hi Torey,

      I hope your recovery continues to go well. It sounds like you are already doing things that I wasn’t even months later in my post op rehab. For context – I had Anterior THA, cementless and ceramic on plastic.

      My surgeon asked me not to do anything to “challenge the hip” for the first 90 days. So on day 91 I ran a trail 5k. Oh man, it hurt…mostly because i was so out of shape.

      But by about 6 months post-op I was up to about 40 miles/week. Last month I ran the Black Canyon 60k. While it wasn’t a great performance, I was really happy just to be out there and (relatively) pain-free. I did have some tightness and some soreness, but nothing remotely as bad as what I had before THR and trying to run ultras.

      All the running is going against my surgeon’s advice of “no running, no jumping”. But he also conceded that I would do what I want to do (he’s right!) and that we would just monitor the joint for wear over time. And I’m doing my best not to overdo it and listen to my body when it’s telling me to “knock it off” and give it some rest.

      Best of luck to you!


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