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Hi Patti,

I have a resurfaced hip, the original metal on metal Birmingham resurfacing now owned by Smith & Nephew. It was fitted in 2014, just before I became 64, and was done with less than ideal bome quality. Insurance did pay, however, and my surgeon was happy to give me what I asked for. This hip is still going strong, from racing 5k to short ultras to long days in the mountains.

Due to worse results when women and smaller men were being resurfaced, the manufacturers withdrew the smaller sizes from their range, and stopped surgeons attempting to fit to females. Other similar devices are still available, though, and surgeons will still treat women, but there only a few in the US and they are not cheap..

My other hip is a Zimmer ceramic/ceramic Total replacement, fitted in 2017 when an attempt to fit a BHR to a 66 year old with poor bone ended with the femoral head snapping off. I was disappointed to have a THR but in many ways it is the superior device, with more range of motion and no slight sensation of being artificial. Same surgeon, same operation (lateral incision, nothing fancy). He promised I would not be able to break the device and so far has been proved correct! Racing a half-marathon on Sunday, won my category over 8 miles last weekend.

I think you should take your surgeon’s advice, and a modern THR will not wear out in the likely time remaining to you – that’s how I see it, anyway…


PS have a look at surfacehippy website/forum for more information about resurfacing and surgeons.