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Hello PJ’s and I went back and copy and pasted my most relevant post to your questions and timing below. Note you can look at all of posts (thus journey) in the “authors” history section of the blog-post so check this out below:

“Seven weeks to the day and I will officially deem it my first “run“ back… actually more of a shuffle and cautious – and 90% on grass. For the past four weeks have been hiking up hills and occasionally shuffling down hills. I set three parameters before I would return to “running“: 1) no pain while hiking,2) The ability to go up stairs in an “athletic fashion“, including being able to “double step“ the stairs and 3) clearance from my orthopedic and PT…Well I have reached at least two of those milestones… Will be at the orthopedic next week for a follow up and my PT asserts “don’t do any activities that cause pain“… and that has applied to all of my rehab exercises, biking, air-dyne, hiking, etc. For example, my PT had me build up to one-legged squats, and on my operated hip side, that exercise caused a different type of pain, my Spidey sense said no-go! “Know thyself” has never applied more… slow, cautious shuffling on soft surfaces while causing no pain is where I am at… Will continue cautiously and progressively but feels great to at least be here!”